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For decades, Account Based Marketing has been something to aspire to and difficult to achieve. Today it is something you can truly deliver on. But what is it?

Account Based Marketing turns the funnel on its head. Everyday, your sales team (and your executive team) understands what the right customer looks like and more importantly the names of those companies. Yet, marketing as it has scaled its operations, has moved in the opposite direction, pushing out content that drives unknown prospects down a funnel where sales picks off the lowest hanging fruit.

This is of course a low cost way to approach B2B marketing, but ignores the very companies who could be your biggest clients, where you want to spend more on acquisition because of the significant upside. For most this means a balance between the two approaches.

Account Based Marketing starts with the list of companies that you want to target. Once these have been identified, you are able to target the right individuals working at those companies through targeted advertising approaches to bring them into your sphere of influence. By definition, these accounts are enterprise organisations and relationships need to be built across multiple people both within your company and the account.

It doesn't stop there though. Large accounts are often not won in one go and it takes time to spread through an organisation. Account Based Marketing techniques continue to manage the relationship post close and ensures the account is not lost amongst the noise of the next client win.

Using Account Based Marketing we can help you to win the accounts you want. Existing marketing automation approaches are linear and do not take account of the different people involved in the sales process on both sides. Account Based marketing approaches allow you to combine the best of both marketing and sales to manage and close the clients you want to close. It is time to #flipthefunnel.

Account Based Intelligence and Advertising

Which are the accounts you should be targetting using ABM> By understanding your target accounts, we can help you to design and target the right individuals before they come to you.

Account Based Marketing

You have attracted the attention of the right people in your accounts, but how do you engage them. What are the right approaches? We help you deliver best of class Account Based Marketing, whether that is creating the programme from scratch or iterating on a pre-existing programme.


Account Based Marketing can boost your lead conversion by 200%. What could you be doing better? Connected Paths will help you optimise the journeys you take the different people on.

Marketing Automation

Make full use of your marketing automation platform, whether you are using Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot or Silverpop

Email Marketing

No B2B programme works without email marketing. Understand the best approach for your company, moving beyond best practice to be best in class.

Influencer and Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been critical to B2B marketing for a long time. We can help scale your content and help you put it in front of the right people to drive revenue.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Increased revenue and engagement.

80% of companies found Account Based Marketing approaches outperformed other strategies and 83% saw increased engagement with their accounts.

Increased retention and account expansion.

Your customers prefer Account Based Marketing approaches as it is much more personalised to them. We help you to implement an approach that will clearly show your customers you care about winning and retaining their account.

Increased sales and marketing alignment.

Your sales team is already using these techniques but it is often lost inside CRM platforms and done inefficiently. The requirement to work together to deliver target accounts, makes aligning sales and marketing teams easier.

About Connected Paths

Based in London, Connected Paths is focused on helping companies deliver best in class Account Based Marketing approaches. We build on top of technology to increase the efficiency of Account Based Marketing techniques to transform the performance of your sales efforts. Its founder, Riaz Kanani has worked with enterprise companies such as IBM, Shell and Microsoft and successfully sold his previous marketing agency (Digital Oxygen) to Silverpop (now IBM). He has sat on the DMA Email Marketing Council, judged the DMA Awards and a regular commentator on all things B2B marketing.

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